When stocks hit new highs, it’s a good time to buy again

With stocks surging and bond yields low, many investors are now in a good spot to buy shares again.

But there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you do. 

What’s the price target?

A price target is a benchmark price that investors are told will perform better than a simple average.

A simple average will only work if the average returns at the target price over the next year. 

The benchmark target for a stock is generally around 30% to 40%.

So, if you’re buying a stock at 30% or 40% over the coming 12 months, you’re likely to be better off buying the stock at a 30% target. 

But there are some exceptions. 

For example, the benchmark target is usually around 40% or 50% in the case of the S&P 500 index, but not for the Semiconductor S&p 500. 

Also, in many cases, the market isn’t even a benchmark, it is a target for one of a number of benchmarks, such as the Nasdaq. 

In other words, you can’t simply buy stocks at the top of the market, or even at the bottom.

Instead, you have to look at the market in terms of the various benchmarks. 

This is why you may see many high-profile stock-picking stories where a billionaire, hedge fund manager, or billionaire’s son buys a big stock in the hopes of hitting a higher price. 

Some investors have found it very lucrative to buy big shares of companies in order to get ahead of the benchmark, and others have found the investment has helped them take control of their finances. 

How do I know what the market is doing?

The benchmark target often comes with a price target that’s much higher than the market itself. 

So if the market hits a 50% target and the average return over the year is 30%, that’s a 50/30 price target.

This is why, for example, it might be a good idea to buy an Apple stock in order a higher return, even if the price of the stock is just 15% above its benchmark. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can simply buy at the high end of the price range.

The higher the price, the better. 

Which stocks are good?

There are many good stocks to buy right now. 

As the financial markets recover, there will be some stocks that will return a higher profit or earnings growth. 

Many investors who have made big gains in recent years may be surprised to see some of these stocks fall in price, such in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or S&l Technologies. 

While stocks that are on a losing streak are still likely to appreciate in value, there are still plenty of companies that will have been well positioned for a return. 

One example is Microsoft.

Microsoft was trading below its benchmark for a long time, but it rebounded in the first half of the year and is currently trading around 15% higher than its benchmark price.

Microsoft also has a great balance sheet, which allows it to pay dividends at a healthy pace. 

Another example is Facebook. 

Facebook was trading around 17% below its index target for the first few months of 2017.

Then, in the middle of January, Facebook announced that it had increased its dividend by 5%. 

And it has a much better balance sheet. 

That means that Facebook will have a much easier time meeting its dividend obligations. 

Other companies that are going up in price include Cisco Systems and IBM. 

And finally, there’s Amazon.com.

Amazon was trading at 16% below the index target during 2017. 

It then rebounded quickly in the second half of 2017 and is now trading around 21% above the benchmark price, which is a huge gain. 

Are there any other stocks that I should buy?

The answer to this is a very broad one. 

Here are some of the most popular stocks that you can buy right here in this article: Netflix,NASDAQ:  Netflix is one of the largest Internet service providers in the world.

It’s the biggest streaming video provider in the US, with more than 300 million subscribers. 

Its video streaming service has been around since 2003, but is now widely available on many platforms. 

Apple:  Apple is one, the most successful company in the history of computing.

Its Apple Computer, iPhone, iPad, and Mac products are widely used by the average American, with over 4 million units sold. 

Google:  Google is a global company that competes with Microsoft and Amazon in many areas.

Google owns search, YouTube, and other Google services. 

Amazon:  Amazon has been growing steadily, and it has made tremendous strides in recent quarters.

It is the world’s largest e-commerce company, and has become a key player in the online video industry. 

Intel:  Intel is a chip and computer