What to know about the markets opening to the public in the country

A group of Chinese tourists from southern China has set off on a tour through Japan, setting up a market in Tokyo’s Orientale district.

The tour group, which included two Chinese nationals and one Japanese, arrived at the city’s Tamako Market on Friday morning, where they had lunch.

They said they were looking for “easy money”, but had not received any.

The market is the largest in Japan, but is one of Tokyo’s biggest tourist attractions and is a popular stop for Chinese tourists, especially in the summer months.

The market, which is a large market, has more than 10,000 stalls selling goods ranging from noodles and soup to clothes, toys and clothes.

There are several shopping malls that offer stalls selling Japanese products such as electronics, clothes and toys, but the Tamako market is one that attracts the biggest number of Chinese.

At least a million tourists visited the Tamakas last year, according to government data, a record that has been surpassed only in the past few years.

The Tamako area is in a region with a strong economic relationship with China.

Japanese visitors to the country earn up to ¥7,000 (US$11) a day from a variety of Japanese and foreign firms, including Toyota and Sony.