What’s in a name? – Facebook’s Facebook IPO (TechCrunch)

Posted May 05, 2018 07:59:23When you think about it, the biggest thing about the world of tech is the amount of companies and companies that make their money in the cloud.

Facebook has long been the most visible, the most powerful, and the most talked about company in the world.

Now, it’s looking like it may have found a new way to bring in that same money.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Facebook will release a new round of financing in the next three to five months that will be backed by a $500 million investment from Google, with the funds being earmarked for a “major infrastructure investment” in the city of Atlanta.

While this news is nothing new, the financing could very well be the catalyst for a broader wave of acquisitions, or acquisitions that would bring the social network closer to becoming a larger entity.

This deal would make the Facebooks new acquisition a $5 billion global entity.

It’s an acquisition that could change the company’s entire structure and, with a company like Google, make the deal look more like a partnership than a buyout.

With Facebook having already been bought out by Alphabet and Google, there’s no reason for this deal to have taken much longer.

However, it could change what’s possible for the company in coming years, as it looks like Facebook could go from a small startup with limited resources to a major entity in the long run.

For now, the deal still has to go through the normal approvals process, but it looks pretty good for now.

Facebook already has a lot of investors, and this new financing would likely be one of them.