Which Indian cities are the hottest in terms of food and drink sales?

A year after it opened its first Indian market, Indian food and beverage giant Hindustan Unilever has been hailed for bringing its new brand, Indian, to the world’s largest market.

In February, the company’s India market, located in the eastern city of Ahmedabad, topped the list of most-visited markets in India, according to data compiled by market research company Zillow.

Hindustan also reported a 20 percent increase in food sales to $13.9 billion (Dh150 billion), with sales up 22 percent in the country’s biggest city of Mumbai.

While food sales have been growing, sales for the drinks industry have slowed significantly, according a statement released by Hindustans marketing arm Hindustani Unilevers.

According to the statement, Hindustann’s new product line, which it calls “India’s new beverage”, is now sold in 26 Indian markets, with a market share of 17 percent.

The company said the new product has been well received by Indian consumers and it is expected to be a “new brand”.

The new brand is a blend of Indian and American beverages and is expected be launched in a number of Indian cities in the next few months.

“Hindus are enjoying a good portion of their diet on the Indian side and this is helping to maintain the population’s healthy lifestyle.

The brand is also expected to become a popular choice for many consumers in India,” the statement said.

The brand is expected launch in India’s biggest cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru, which are home to around half the countrys population.

Last month, Hindus celebrated the 100th birthday of King Rama, the world ‘s first Hindu ruler.

On the Indian market’s website, Hinduhan Uniteurs said the brand’s sales have increased by 25 percent in a year, with the company estimating that the brand is now selling around one million bottles per day.

Its main focus is the beverage category, which is the companys main revenue stream. 

According to Zillows data, India has been India’s largest food market, accounting for almost two-thirds of the country´s total food and drinks sales.