How to spot a bear market

The market is getting bigger, but it’s not all about the dollar.

Here are some tips to spot one before it gets out of hand.


Buy gold when you can’t find it There’s a strong possibility the market will end up in a bearish territory.

Gold is the most widely traded investment on the planet and it’s been an attractive investment for investors for years.

As the market price of gold has risen, so has the demand for gold.

Gold prices have soared from $2,300 in 2005 to more than $16,000 today.

When gold prices go up, it has the potential to push the market down.

Investors will need to be patient, but gold can be an attractive way to make money.


Look at your cash and credit card balances and see if they’re in trouble You can always take a closer look at your finances, but you may be able to make a few gains on them if you invest in something that has a higher credit rating.

A low-risk investment like a gold-backed bond has a better credit rating than a high-risk one.


Get some of the best-performing stocks on the market right now You may be tempted to invest in some of these stocks as you wait for the market to open, but if you’re looking to make an immediate profit, you may want to wait a few days or weeks before taking a position.


Watch out for the ‘bull market’ If you see that the market is headed in the right direction, it’s a good idea to get some cash out and wait a little bit before taking an investment.

This could be your chance to profit if the market doesn’t end up the way you wanted.


Know the rules of the game Investing is all about taking risk, so don’t get complacent.

Don’t bet too much if you don’t think you can profit.


Know your taxes and insurance You might think you have a lot of money to invest, but there’s a catch: You may need to pay taxes on it all if you end up losing it all.

A tax deduction for any gains on a stock, bond or other asset is worth a little more than the amount it’s worth today.


Look for a ‘safe haven’ If your money isn’t going to make you rich, you might consider a safe haven investment.

A stock that pays a dividend can be a good place to put your money if it’s in a high yield.


Buy low and sell high When markets do go down, it can be difficult to sell your holdings at a loss.

If you don.

you can find some of your investments on the black market.


Make sure your bank accounts are safe When your accounts are at risk, you need to make sure your money is protected.

The safest place to invest your money in the US is in a bank, and that’s where your bank account is safest.


Be smart and buy a home First, invest in a house you can afford.

Second, make sure that you’re not paying for your property to become too valuable.

Buy a home that has enough room to comfortably house you and your family.


Learn how to trade gold with real estate agents and brokers Learn about how to get the best prices on real estate and get a feel for the value of your options.


Watch the news when the market turns up If you want to make big gains, it will be important to be ready for any sudden downturns in the market.

Read the latest market news before investing.